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4 Reasons Why Your Homes Should Have LED Lighting

Post Date:2015-09-08 19:39:33 Edited by:Seventh led

It is a well-known fact that LED lighting residential is energy-efficient alternative to traditional  bulbs  However, there is a couple of lesser-known features to consider before you decide to make the leap to LED lighting residential.

LEDs have lower temperature
It means that they are much cooler than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, emitting lesser heat even if switched on for a prolonged amount of time. This results in a cooler home even during summer time when temperatures may soar to uncomfortable levels at times. The last thing you want to do is to switch off your home lighting, even at times when you need it, just to make your home a little bearable.
The lower room temperature also means that your air-conditioning units need not power themselves up too much as it will be easier to bring down and maintain the temperature to the intended levels.

led lighting residential No bugs
While leftover food and rubbish around the house do attract pests and rodents, the use of traditional lights may attract bugs to your homes due to the emission of UV rays. The presence of moths and mosquitoes may bug your nightly sleep as well. On top of that, it can also be harmful to children around the house as they are prone to contracting common illnesses due to insect bites.
 LED lights, in general, emit almost no UV rays at all and thus do not face the persistent issue of frequent insect visits. If LEDs lights are utilized all over the house, you can be assured that your house will be almost insect-free.

Instant Light
One of the ways to measure a full light is the illumination coverage of the rooms itself while another method how fast it takes to do so. LED lights both have a wider field of coverage and is almost instantaneous as well at the flick of the switch as compared to traditional light bulbs.
 Even if you decided to wait for the few extra seconds for traditional lights to return its full luminosity, switching it off soon after will only cause its shelf life at a faster rate. This will cost homeowners more in the long run with the higher turnover rate of changing traditional light bulbs as compared to LED lighting.

LEDs are the future of lighting
 Once you have LED lights fitted into the different parts of your house, not only can you enjoy substantial savings from a lower overall electricity consumption but also a more brightly-lighted room for everyone. Plus the longer shelf life of LEDs will let you enjoy your lights for a longer time before there is a need to change out a faulty one. Even when that happens, the cost of replacing a broken LED light is far lower than that of traditional lighting.
 As we move into a new world of technological advancements, it is time we take LED lighting residential on a serious note and start a movement to replace traditional light. The enormous benefits for all are equally shared, and the potential for adoption is both very much untapped and highly positive as well.


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