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DC5V 24leds 24IC addressable DMX led strip
DC5V 24leds 24IC addressable DMX led strip

DC5V 24leds 24IC addressable DMX led strip

DMX512 LED Strip 24leds 24IC DC5V


Input voltage:DC5V

LED QTY:24leds per meter

IC QTY :24pcs per meter

pixel :24pcs per meter


Power:7.5W per meter

Gray level:256

PCB width:12mm


work temperature:-35℃- +60℃

waterproof grade:IP40,IP65,IP67,IP68

Parallel design circuit boards,a single pixel damage does not affect the entire project work

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High brightness SMD5050 LED
Can show customized effects
Addressable, directly connect to DMX system
Long distance control
CE and RoHS approved

1. Environmental safety: high quality SMD 5050 LED with a small power consumption, generate less heat.
2. Addressable,can customized all kinds of effects according to customer.
3. Lifetime: 50,000 hours.
4. The cutting, welding convenient: Each group LED can be cutting or welding reach different length of customer requirements.
5. Soft:FPCB board as a substrate, free docking, bending, cutting and fixed to unsmooth surface.
6. The light and thin: suitable for installation in narrow space inside.
7. The product is used in home , hotel, KTV,architectural,path decoration and so on.

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